When looking at Patrick Willem’s artwork, it reminded me of two well-known artists: Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo. The longer I looked at his diverse photomontages, the more I seemed to dive into a world of fashion and fantasy. Pop art, colors, shadows and a meticulous mixture of nature and human faces make his work stand out as an avant-garde artist. 

            The young illustrator from Belgium completed his degree in creative advertising at the Academy of Beaux Arts in Belgium and pretty soon after that pursued his passion for fashion illustration as a freelancer. “I have always been passionate about fashion and very soon realized that my strongest talent laid in illustration. Combining these two passions of mine felt very natural to me”, he says.

            Inspired by Andy Warhol and famous photographers such as Nick Knight and Paolo Roversi, Willem describes his process of brain storming ideas like this: “My surroundings influence my way of thinking. I have a distinct image flashing through my mind and I have a vision of the end product, before I start working on it, using thumbnails or croquis. I won’t stop fine-tuning, until I am completely satisfied with the aesthetics of every image.”

Collaborating with other artists, such as infamous make-up artist Yasmin Heinz, gave him the opportunity to appear in her beauty book and a number of fashion magazines in the United States. He has been very active in the textile print industry and as a fashion-illustrating instructor, collaborating with agencies in New York, Washington, Hawaii, India and Berlin.

            As for future plans, he is working on projects for magazines and small businesses, while continuing to promote his personal work on his social media platforms and his website. “I am hoping to be able to contribute to and influence trends trough my artistic work and inspire fellow artists to follow suit”, says the humble artist. His talents and capabilities are sublime and his creations are easily recognizable – I am sure we will hear a lot more of Patrick Willem soon.

            If you want to know more about the Belgian illustrator, check out his website and the following links:

My sincere ThankYou to Patrick for creating this piece of art for me:-)


Many of us get tired of big shopping malls - and for me one of the most important thing when I shop is great customer services and leaving the store with positive experience!
If you live in Calgary and haven't had a chance to visit APT22  - you have to make a trip there!

 APT22 is a quaint women’s clothing boutique located on the west side of Calgary. Owner Kim Stern and her fashion-conscious staff provide their clientele with style consultation in a gracious, non-judgmental way. By creating a relationships based on honesty and trust, the staff at APT22 treat each and every client with a hands-on shopping experience, complete with styling tips and cutting edge fashion know-how.

The ambience of the store is laid back and fun -  clients often say that they feel like they are walking into their girlfriend’s closet. With new, carefully hand-picked pieces coming in each week, there is no shortage of beautiful clothing in the store. You will find great selection of good brands, such as Free People, DL1961 (award winning denim), Wildfox, Love Heals, Peace Love World, Chaser, Lovers&Friends, Gentlefawn.
What I really like is the fact - that their clientele present such a vast variety when it comes to age - both mother and daughter will find something for themselves.
There is something for everyone - for sure!

If you would like to learn more about the store - you can check their website at 

 Apt22 Owner - Kimberlie Stern