It's been a month since I received a beautiful gift  - Clarisonic Plus - from Loreal Group Canada who is representing the Clarisonic brand in our country. Those of you, who have been following me&my 4-week journey with this "miracle brush" - know already my enthusiasm about it but today I would like to sum up the whole experience using it myself.

Although my skin is in quite good condition (as I am an aesthetician and taking proper care of my skin mornings&evenings is "a must" ritual), there are parts of my face that gets oily and dirty not to mention more blemishes. I need to spend some extra time taking care of my skin especially after wearing my makeup the whole day. Then Clarisonic is the perfect solution - nothing cleans better than this tool!! (you can see the picture attached which was presented to me a while ago and I couldn't believe how huge difference in cleansing I could achieve!!)

I use my Clarisonic Plus once a day - in the evening - using their standard timing set-up which works great for me-but you can also adjust it according to your needs and skin condition.

I found out that Clarisonic not only cleanses your skin better but also it helps with improving your skin condition and.. maintain it!!!!
My skin felt smoother and softer to touch from day one as well as it also feels plumper and "younger" - I noticed I have less skin problems even though I don't get enough sleep recently and it is quite stressful time of the year for me - but you couldn't tell looking at my skin:-) 
And I have to mention - great skin is the great base itself for beautiful makeup - which means investing in Clarisonic - you invest in your skin as well as you can save money by buying extra makeup products, such as primers, smoothing base etc.

Would you like to share your own experience?? 
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The closer to the 2013 Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign Gala - the more great moments we experience!!
One of my best interviews with World Cup Ski Racer - Jan Hudec - who is one of our 2013 Ambassadors!!!


Almost 3 weeks ago I received a gift from Loreal Canada Group - beautifully wrapped box with Clarisonic Plus inside!!! 
I promised to give you my weekly feedback about my experience with using this "miracle brush" and I cannot believe it's already week number 3!!! Those of you who read my last two posts - know already that I   was very surprised with the results right after the first usage (and as you know, usually I am quite sceptical about products that have been advertised so much that you almost start thinking if its all about the good marketing&promotion or is it really about the product). But I have to admit-I got addicted to the Clarisonic brush - and every week I am increasing the number of times that I am actually using it!!

Though my skin seems to be taking to Clarisonic well, I only use it once a day- even though it says you can use it twice. I like using it at night before I go to bed.  I’m very dedicated when it comes to face cleansing process:) No matter how tired I am, I can’t go to sleep without taking my makeup off - so after the eye makeup removal - I apply my cleanser and take the Clarisonic  brush that makes the cleansing routine easier and faster (it has a timer, so you know exactly when to stop).
This magical brush glides over your skin, evenly cleaning all areas and applying just enough pressure to get rid of the grime without harming your skin (you shouldn't be pressing the brush too much on your skin!!) My skin already feels smoother and my complexion more balanced after using it a handful of times. Moreover, it' definitely brighter and what is most important for me- the makeup application is way easier the next morning!!
So far - so great!!!Wait for my feedback after the next week!!Have a beautiful week ahead!!


CIFF Executive Director - Steve Schroeder - opening the festival in Calgary

Inspired by colours - fight agains upcoming Fall - still in love with Summer:-)

 Interviewing two of the leading actors from "The Grand Seduction" - 
Mark Critch (above) & Gordon Pinsent (below)


Those of you, who read my blog posts regularly know that over a week ago I started my challenge with using Clarisonic by testing it for a month and giving you my honest feedback about this miracle tool and condition of my skin...

I know its quite some time since the moment that Clarisonic was introduced into the beauty market, however I was waiting to try the most recent version of Clarisonic brush - which is Clarisonic Plus.
It comes with two brushes (for face and body) as well as it has different speed levels: low/normal/high which gives you an option to choose the one that is appropriate for your skin type and its condition (it looks like the one on the picture below).

 it has diff I really like the fact that it cleanses my skin 6x better than the regular cleansing procedure so I love thinking I am doing something good for my skin every time I use it:-)
Last week I started with using it once a day/2 times a week.
Because I noticed the difference right after the first usage - I decided that I am going to increase the frequency of using it and just this past week I used my Clarisonic 3 times - but only at night.
I know some people likes to use it twice a day(morning&evening) however I think it would be too much for my skin (I know:-)some of you will laugh but with my aesthetic background I am just careful:-)
I had very stressful and busy week when I was running in between meetings from early till the morning till late in the evening with full makeup on my face - so the first thing after coming back home was to remove my "second face" and using my magic brush:-)
Usually, after my marathon type of days - my skin looks so dull and almost dirty the next day, but after cleansing my face with the help of Clarisonic - my skin was actually not only smooth and clean after the use - but the next morning it was radiant and glowing!!!
Definitely, after 2 weeks of using the Clarisonic Plus - my skin condition improved and looks more healthy!!

Stay tune for feedback about  my journey with the Clarisonic:-)



Freida Pinto TIFF 2013 - Get The Look!!!

On Monday, September 9th, L’Oréal Paris had the honour of bringing one of its most beautiful celebrity spokesmodels, Ms. Freida Pinto to TIFF to launch our newest and most innovative new hair colour products: Superior Préférence Mousse Absolue. The event took place at the Trump International Tower & Hotel in Toronto.

Freida looked absolutely stunning  that evening as she graced guests with her presence.  Eddie Malter, Official Makeup Artist for L’Oréal Paris created a gorgeous makeup look while Eric Del Monaco, L'Oreal Paris Official Hairstylist - created a romantic up do.

What do you think?


Vancouver Aquarium’s national Ocean Wise program is hosting a charitable event at Hyatt Regency Calgary on November 18  - as part of national Ocean Wise month -  to raise awareness about overfishing, the single biggest threat our oceans face today. In fact, 90% of all large, predatory fish have already been fished out of our oceans. This is the first year they’re bringing Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown to Calgary!!!!
 (it takes place in Toronto and Vancouver as well this November).

The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown event aims to raise awareness of the importance of using ocean-friendly seafood.

 Up to 12 of the city’s best chefs will be going head-to-head to produce their best ocean-friendly chowders, paired with local craft beer. There will be an Calgary Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Champion (judges’ choice) and a Consumers’ Choice winner. 

Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown in Calgary 
 November 18, 2012 , 7 p.m. 
Hyatt Regency Calgary
To get your ticket, please visit:
 For more information on the Ocean Wise program please go to


My gift - Clarisonic Plus

Everyone who love beauty products&tools as well as those of you who are obsessed with having clear&glowing skin know exactly what the Clarisonic is!?

It quickly became the #1 cleansing brush recommended by leading dermatologists, aestheticians and spa professionals* – transforming the skin care industry, one pore at a time.
With its Sonic Method Clarisonic pairs products that work on the skin’s surface with technology that goes beneath to beautifully transform skin’s texture, reducing the appearance of pore size, fine lines and wrinkles**, and creating a softer, smoother, more radiant complexion. The company claims that Clarisonic cleanses 6x better than cleansing using your hands..

Although this amazing, small cleansing tool was invented in 2004 - I decided to give it a try just now, when I received my Clarisonic Plus as a gift from Loreal Group Canada Marketing team to test it for a month and give all of you my honest feedback..

There are different types of Clarisonic (Mia, Mia2, Plus). Each kit includes sensitive brush head, sample size cleanser and charger. 
The one I received for testing (Plus) besides the sensitive brush head - also comes with body brush head& sample size body cleanser. What is so special about this particular model is an option of 3 different speeds: low, normal and high - depending on your skin needs.

You can use this cleansing tool together with any type of cleanser and what I think is even more cool about it is the fact that it is....waterproof!!!

With my aesthetic background, I decided to start using it three times during my first week and I will gradually increase the usage of it every week.
After only one use I could tell a big difference in how my skin felt (it was very soft) but also it looks more radiant, soft&supple. It definitely gives you the feeling of having clear skin!! (to be honest, when I clean my skin manually, there are days that even after double cleansing my skin still feels "dirty"). With Clarisonic, only after 1 minute of using it - my skin felt fresh and prepared for toning and moisturizing.

Looking forward to the second week of my trial....Stay tuned!!!


Couple of weeks ago I had a pleasure to see the Fall2013 must-have items presented by HR Vice President, stylish Lisa Tant who was in Calgary second time this year.
The presentation called out the season’s key trends, which this Fall include : statement colours such as black, white and red; punk style; lots of prints; coat-as a necessary item in our wardrobe and...obsession for...fur!!!!

Dress and stole: Marni, 
Footwear: Saint Laurent

 Knit top, cardigan and skirt: M Missoni, 
Shoe: Alexander Wang, 
Bag: Michael Michael Kors

Leopard print topper and blouse: Lanvin,
 Leather pant: ALC, 
Single sole pump and clutch: Christian Louboutin

Tailcoat: Akris, 
Leopard print blouse: Equipment, 
Leather pleated skirt: Theory, 
Faux leather legging: Holt Renfrew Private Label, 
Shoe: Jimmy Choo

 Dress: Sacai, 
Boot: Jimmy Choo

   Dress: Greta Constantine, 
Boot: Alexander Wang

Coat: Akris Punto, 
Sweater: Kenzo, 
Skirt: Valentino, 
Boot: Salvatore Ferragamo, 
Bag: Valentino

Photos: Peter Jensen

If you would like to view the Fall 2013 Trend Report online, please visit: