Instead of a designer announcement, today we are giving you a sneak preview of one of our international media partners and designer recruiter, Anna Basak from Fashion Calgary. Last year we partnered with her and photographer Rafal Weigel to showcase Polish designer Teresa Roasti as our European pick.
Anna was born and raised in Poland, where she grew up in a culture heavily focused upon the arts and fashion. After she met her husband Rafal, the two started this fabulous website. Fashion Calgary is a Canadian-based company with both national and international reach. It combines the social and cultural needs of residents and tourists by providing them with a wide range of exciting offerings from Calgary’s top four social entertainment areas and leading cosmopolitan businesses: Fashion, Beauty, Art & Design and Cuisine. The team at Fashion Calgary seeks to provide the best possible experience for their clients by giving them exclusive information about the city’s hot spots, prime locations and must-attend events in the city Calgary. They support designers, boutiques, art galleries, beauty salons and restaurants by bringing them into the spotlight as top-tier brands. Their mission is to promote local businesses,  achieve high-end exposure and bring Calgarians (both residents and visitors to their city) all the best that the city has to offer.
Stay tuned in the next month for an announcement on this year’s featured international designer!