Last month I was approached by one of my friends and she asked me to test couple of skincare products and share my opinion with her. Having a chance to work with so many beauty brands (Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, YSL, Christian Dior, Babor, Guinot and many more) I am very specific when it comes to my skin needs and expectations.
But I am always open to try new products!!!

Nerium International has been launched in Canada withe their new Optimera skincare line just few months ago!!
The line includes both day and night cream and are the only products on the market that contains an exclusive, patented ingredient - SAL-14 extract. it has a combination of various botanicals, including Aloe Barbandensis Leaf Juice and Bidens Pilosa - that are responsible for significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and aging/loose skin. It claims to help improving radiance, elasticity and smoothing overall appearance of the skin!!
So I wanted to give it a try!!!

Both of the creams come in beautiful curved bottle with easy to apply pump. Day cream comes in a pearly silver bottle, while night cream is in an electric blue:-) ( love both of these colours and its easy to recognize which one you should use in the morning or evening!).
Both of the creams are free of paragons, gluten, propylene glycol, sulfates, DEA or synthetic colours and are recommended even for very sensitive skin!

I really liked day cream - the formula is very light with creamy texture that absorbs quickly into the skin! It doesn't feel sticky at all!!For me it's very important as after my morning skincare routine I usually follow with makeup application!! They say you should apply 3-4 pumps each time  you apply it - but for me 2 or 3 was enough (I have more oily skin so I didn't want to overdo it and have "shiny"complexion!).

My favourite one is definitely Optimera Night Cream - which is richer in consistency and thicker. What I really liked about it was the application - you should apply the product on slightly damp skin so it will leave the "layer"on your skin. At the beginning it looks like you are wearing a masque but after few seconds it absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving it fresh!! I absolutely love the feeling after application-especially after a long day of wearing makeup.

After using the products for almost 3 weeks, I can definitely say that my skin looks much more radiant; some of my sun-damaged spots are lighter. I would definitely like to test it again in about 10 years to see how it would fight with more wrinkles around my eyes and on my neck!
But once you see those pictures below (showcasing before&after results), you will be amazed!!!
(These before and after pictures have absolutely zero retouching or photoshop.
The time laps varies from one week to three months of results).

If you would like to learn more about those products or would like to try them out - you can contact my friend Kristen Leigh Bohl directly at:

She is offering a free week sample to any of you-my readers!!!
Just simply call her at 403-542-7189 to set up a delivery appointment and let her know that you heard about Nerium Optimera from my blog!!!


This past Friday I had a pleasure to visit Stillwater Spa at Hyatt Regency in Calgary for some R&R time. I was little bit surprised when I was asked to come for my appointment at 8am - but that is the philosophy behind the Stillwater Sunrise Package - this luxurious experience that promises leaving feeling refreshed, alert and ready to impress is only available at that time of the day Monday through Thursday.
When I saw the package description I was happy to choose one from the signature treatments: Stillwater Manicure (60min), Stillwater Pedicure(60min) or Relaxation/Therapeutic massage (60min).
Because it's the end of summer and I run every day-I thought it would be the best to make my feet happy - so we booked their signature pedicure!!

The lounge at Stillwater Spa - Hyatt Calgary

 Right after entering the spa, I was welcomed by kind receptionist who confirmed my appointment and took me to the spa lounge room, where I could change and get ready to see my esthetician.
The room is not only very spacious&beautiful but also equipped with showers, steam room and whirlpool (wish I knew about it before I came that day to the spa - so I could plan my stay there longer...:-)

Tea choices at the Spa's lounge & my favourite - Geisha

Spacious change room, including whirlpool, steam room & showers

One of the relaxation spots at the spa - whirlpool:-)

After I changed(very quickly as I couldn't wait to relax!!), I got myself cup  of amazing green tea-Geisha(smell&taste delicious!) and was ready to see my esthetician - Sarah Thompson - who is the leading esthetician at the spa.
She took me through main resting area to the pedicure station(located upstairs)-and when I saw the pedicure chair(looked like leather sofa actually)I was already in heaven!
So comfortable and totally different than most of pedicure chairs you would see in any other spa places.

Stillwater Spa - pedicure station:-)

Sarah was very gentle yet very effective, explained a little bit more about the treatment itself (she used wonderfully smelling rose renewal peel on my feet and legs!) and after the whole procedure we finally put the colour on my nails - Deborah Lippmann nail selection is unbelievable and to be honest I had a tough time to choose one - but finally -with Sarah help-we ended up choosing "Lady is a tramp" (love the name by the way:-).

My happy feet after 60min of Stillwater Pedicure!

Some of the products used at the spa - Aromatherapy Associates line

Part of nail colour selection for sale featuring Deborah Lippmann 

Stillwater Spa has an extensive offer when it comes to treatments, including different type of body massages, body and face treatments (including wraps), nails services and waxing.
What really made my happy is to see quite few treatments for men!!

Beautiful Aromatherapy Associates gift from Stillwater Spa at Hyatt Calgary

Special ThankYou to Stillwater Spa management&Sarah for taking good care of me and of course - thoughtful gift!!!

If you would like to book an appointment at Stillwater Spa in Hyatt Regency in Calgary, you can simply do that via their website at:


Canada's leading menswear retailer - Harry Rosen - is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year - and I had a pleasure to received an invitation for private dinner in Calgary to raise the glass for the brand's success w/selected media & Harry Rosen representatives.

It was definitely a very fashionable&classy evening, where we had a chance to learn more about the company's history but also see what's new&exciting this Fall&Winter in HR stores across Canada!
Of course-luxury fabrics, attention to details and beautiful patterns...
Have a look at some of the looks below!!!

Brunello Cucinelli

Beauty "Must-Haves" for Real Men:-)

Attention to details - silk pocket squares, wallets..

Season for booties, sneakers...Leather&Suede..

Giorgio Armani 

Brunello Cucinelli


Canada Goose


Delicious dinner at one of Calgary's premier restaurant - Teatro - in celebration of 
Harry Rosen 60th Anniversary!
Thank you Harry Rosen!!


When I was introduced recently to the latest BABOR Sea Creation skincare collection - I couldn't wait to learn more about its scientific background and mostly-to try it myself!!
BABOR has succeeded in revealing one of the greatest secrets of the deep ocean to date: intelligent, thermo-active cell protection. 
The thermophilous micro-organism lives at the foot of deep-sea volcanoes under extreme conditions such as heat and high pressure. Its specially developed thermo-active cell protection function allows it to survive. BABOR researchers have utilised these characteristics to create the luxurious and effective anti-aging range SeaCreation. Thermophilous deposits pure beauty energy in the skin and protects beauty: the thermo-active cell protection frees the skin cells from stress and free radicals.
Once researchers had already succeeded in harnessing “BABOR thermophilus,” a highly effective active ingredient found in the depths of the Pacific, they made another major step to bring them closer to the infinity of beauty. Af ter more than 15 years of research and countless tests, they extracted one of the most effective anti-aging proteins – Glycocéane GP3 – from a thitherto unknown micro-organism obtained from the depths of the South Polar Sea.
The rare anti-aging protein Glycocéane GP3 plus energy-packed BABOR thermophilus and an exclusive green caviar algae extract are combined in the Sea-telligent Complex to create an almost magical anti-aging effect. It optimizes all skin functions, provides effective protection against premature skin aging and visibly reduces existing signs of aging.

The Sea Creation collection includes 4 products :  Serum, The Cream, Rich Cream, and of course - Eye Cream.
They all work as anti-aging luxury moisturizing creams that have effective anti-aging protein Glycocéane GP3 combined with energetic BABOR thermopiles and exclusive Green Caviar Algae Extract to form the Sea-telligent Complex, for comprehensive anti-aging effects. 
Skin appears firmer, smoother, and youthfully fresh.

I absolutely love The Cream - it's not too greasy (I have oily&combination skin), absorbs into the skin beautifully and smells very nice !!

If you would like to learn more about BABOR beauty products, please visit BABOR online!
Those of you who live in Calgary (not only though!!) - you should definitely visit Babor Beauty Spa located in Mission and try their amazing skincare treatments!!


Worldwide epicurean phenomenon Dîner en Blanc®
returns to Calgary September 4th, 2014!!!

For the second time, thousands of adventurous Calgarians will gather, dressed in their finest whites, in a secret location for Dîner en Blanc® (translation: ‘The White Dinner’), a ‘pop-up picnic’ of magnificent proportions. Local hosts, Cory Edwards and Jason Gogo, are thrilled to also announce this year’s culinary partners.  Long-time friends and colleagues Chef Michael Noble of the soon-to-open The Nash Restaurant & Off Cut Bar and NOtaBLE, The Restaurant and Chef Nicole Gomes of Nicole Gourmet will collaborate as culinary partners for Dîner en Blanc® Calgary. They will provide an assortment of gourmet picnic meals which will be available for pre-order online by registered attendees in limited quantities.  Guests are given the option of pre-ordering a picnic meal to be delivered on-site or bringing their own gourmet creations.

Dîner en Blanc is all at once a global phenomenon and grassroots showstopper. What began in Paris 26-years ago is now an international exposition of all things French joie de vivre, friendship, elegance and gallantry, held in major cities around the world, including Canadian cities: Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto.

Enveloping all things epicurean-gastronomy, fashion, decor and entertainment Calgary’s second annual Dîner en Blanc promises to be an unforgettable evening of French-inspired beauty and magic. True to tradition, groups of 100 to 300 guests, dressed head-to-toe in elegant white and armed with all the necessary components (table, linens, dinner, etc.) will gather at specific rallying points across the city. These groups will then converge on one of the most beautiful settings in a public space where local organizers present a one-of-a-kind local celebration of community and culture complete with live music, great wine, and vibrant guests.

After the extraordinary success of the 2013 event, Dîner en Blanc Calgary 2014 will more than double this year to welcome 3,000 attendees.This year, the event expects to host a great number of fashion and design aficionados and foodies alike. “Calgarians” know true fashion, great food and elegance.” says Sandy Safi, Director of Partnership, and Aymeric Pasquier, Executive Director, Dîner en Blanc International. “Not only have they welcomed us with open arms from the very beginning, but they truly express the joie de vivre that is symbolic of Dîner en BlancÒ.”

If you are interested in joining Dîner en Blanc®  in Calgary on September 4 you can still try to sign up on the waiting list via !


Last week Fashion Calgary had a pleasure to welcome our special guest-Chef Andre Carthen in Calgary! He flew to our city to spend 4 creative days in support of 2014 Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign.
For those of you who haven't had a chance to hear about chef Andre before, his biography is quite long..and his portfolio - quite impressive!! He is Celebrity Chef working ex. closely for many years with Kathy Ireland Worldwide as well as helping with recipes for Janet Jackson's book "True You".

Chef Andre accepted invitation to become International Ambassador for 2014 Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign - all in support of Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and its Musical Camps for Kids!
Here are just few pictures from our CTVMorningNews segment in Calgary where we were talking about fashion, food and food//all for a great cause!!!

Special Thank You:

Chef Andre Carthen
CTV Morning News Calgary
Sylvia Kong/Savory Palate Consulting
Patron Tequila
Select Wines&Spirits


Special Thank You:

Chef Andre Carthen
Global News Calgary - Weekend Morning News
Sylvia Kong - Savory Palate Consulting
Ultimat Vodka
Select Wines&Spirits