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 Years of heavy data research have yielded a new discovery in medical science called glycobiology, and it's been applied to skin care for the very first time by Yves Saint Laurent.

Glycobiology is the study of glycans, the complex molecules that exist within skin cells. Glycans play a vital role within the membranes of cells because they are the “communicators” within each cell strand. These glycans must talk to each other in order to optimize what they receive. But sadly, with age, the glycans' communication skills tend to break down, triggering visible signs of aging including wrinkles, elasticity, and density.

 Y.S.L. group of scientists have developed a patented formula called Glycanactif TM, which actually mimics the action of glycans, and within eight weeks of use you will see the change within your skin in both tone and in texture.

Luckily, I have been selected to give this scientific skin care line a try!!! It is going to be my
 30-day experiment, while I will be trying the Forever Youth Liberator Serum, 
Cream and Eye-Cream.
Every week - I will be posting my comments and true opinions on how does my skin reacts within the period of using the products!!

The products I received:-)
Photo: Rafal Wegiel / the end of my experiment - I have a great news to all of You - together with Yves Saint Laurent - we will be GIVING AWAY this amazing set of products
 to one Lucky Follower!!!
So make sure- You will follow me in my journey!!!!


Each year - second Sunday of May is known for the Mother's Day celebration. There is always lots of events happening that day across the Canada to express the love and show the appreciation towards our Moms.
Although I don't have my Mom here-as she lives in Poland where we always celebrate Mother's Day on May 26th- this year I decided that I would love to do "something". Originally, I was planning to take a run at Mother's Day Run & Walk - but when I heard about the "challenge" Bikram Yoga Calgary South is offering - I was "in". Studio owner - Lyndsay Gieck-decided to challenge herself by doing 5 classes in one day to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Research. It might sound normal- but let me state few important facts within that idea. Firstly - its not "just 5 classes" - it's 5 classes which run exactly 90 minutes and consist of a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Bikram Yoga is ideally practiced in a room heated to 105°F (≈ 40.6°C) with a humidity of 40%. 
Honestly, it is a challenge for most of people to survive one class - can you imagine doing 5 of them in one day? But what touched me the most was the fact, that Lyndsay came up with the idea of raising money for the pancreatic cancer research - the same cancer her mother was diagnosed with and died when Lyndsay was 16 years old - and the Bikram studio in Calgary South was actually built for the memory of her Mom. 
I only managed to take just double class - but it was totally worth it-it wasn't about exercise - it was about the gratitude and meditation. The room was not only hot-but filled with unbelievably amazing energy shared by both most of the Bikram Calgary South Instructors as well as all practitioners.

If you've never tried Bikram Yoga- you definitely should!!!

For more information about the studio - please visit their website

Few of Bikram Yoga Calgary South Instructors ( from left) - Lyndsay Gieck, Anne - Britt Erickson, Heather Baird.

 Myself and Lyndsay demonstrating one of the postures:-)

Photos by:Dara Defreitas


Couple of weeks ago, ABStyle together with Guerlain Paris announced the Mother's Day Contest where we asked our readers for sharing their love for their Moms and submitting the photo showing the two of them.
We were amazed by the huge response and honestly, it was a tough choice for us to select the winner.

However - on May 13th - the Mother's Day -  we deliberated and chose our favourite submission. At the same time we would like to Thank everyone who participated in the contest.

The winner of our Mother's Dat Contest is Mercedees Deacon and this is what she sent to us:

"...My Mom is the best mom and is special in my life because she takes me on trips all over the world. She lets me take ballet and equestrian. We also get to model together . She let me decorate my rooms the way I want and she is always being silly with me. She's a cool mom!  Her name is Kerry..."

We are happy to say that Kerry will receive beautiful ritual set of 
Shallimar Initial from Guerlain Paris - the set includes the signature bottle of the Parfum, Shower Gel and Body Lotion!!



The Eddies are a lot like the Oscars – the only difference is that not professionals - but real people like yourself make the films and posters. This contest and awards gala raises funds for local charities and rewards Big Rock drinkers who create the most creative TV commercials and print ads about beer. Print and video submissions range from the extra low budget to the super slick, and celebrate Big Rock's entire family of craft beers.


When the lights go down and the glamour of the evening fades, the real reason why they put on the show remains – the true winners of the Eddies are the communities and artists they support.
That's why all Eddies ticket proceeds in each participating city go to deserving local groups. 

The Eddies gala and awards show celebrates the best in drinker-generated advertising.
Also: drinking. Also: joining other Alberta luminaries and beer connoisseurs at one of the hottest parties of the summer. Pick your city and then pick up tickets:

Monday, June 4th 2012
EPCOR Center for the Performing Arts
Tickets go on sale April 25 through the EPCOR Centre. 
To get tickets call 403-294-9494 or visit the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts website. 



ABStyle together with Fashion Calgary & Guerlain Paris Canada Invites you and your girlfriends to our

1st Fashion Calgary Ladies Night Out

Tickets $75

can be purchased online at:

RSVP by May 25th, 2012
by calling Nataliya at Guerlain Counter - Holt Renfrew 403.269.7341 ext.51501

Thursday, May 31, 2012

6:00 pm – 8.30 pm
The Metropolitan Grill
880 16 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB

Any question or/and concerns - please contact 
Ania Basak / ABStyle


 “Quiet luxury and sensible elegance"  - this statement truly describes the Limitless concept.
For those who haven't had a chance to hear about the company, Limitless is design studio founded in 1980'  initially functioned in customer made for high end consumers in Holland. With more than twenty year of brand promotion and craftsmanship perfection, after close cooperation with AMA-D SOULFUL DESIGN, it grows up into a high-end furniture group represented by famous furniture brands such as Limitless, SQI, HQI and so on.

 Operating already in two cities in Canada - Toronto & Vancouver - the brand was also celebrating its Grand Opening in Calgary, where invited quests could admire the beautifully designed space located in modern commercial block, in Inglewood. 

If You didn't have chance to go to the studio- it is definitely worth to check it out!!!
For more information - please visit company website

With Limitless Calgary owner - Bruce D. MacMillan