I have been receiving such a kind messages and emails from some of you who read my blogs (yes-some of you who are expecting as well!!) and that encourages me even more to share my thoughts, experiences with you!!

I am 29weeks now and simply cannot believe there is only 2 months left until baby Olivier comes into this world (yes-its a BOY:-) - Olivier Adam :-)

One of my partners in this "miracle journey" is Diva Salon&Spa in Calgary and once a month I have a pleasure to experience different treatment designed to the needs of expecting Mom:-)
Just today although I supposed to enjoy one of their signature facials , due to the fact that I have quite sore lower back for the last couple of weeks - we've changed the procedure - and Sarah - the spa manager - decided to do a 60min Elemental Nature Massage with the usage of Aveda stress-fix oil (oh yes - I need that one especially now when things got so crazy getting ready for our annual Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign and its gala event in November!)

This customize massage creates balance and calms both muscles and senses.
To be honest - I haven't had a chance to experience many of them in my life-but the one I just received today - was truly one of the best I've had so far!!
Not only Sarah use her strength to release some tension and pain on one side of my lower back but also it was very relaxing treatment overall!
I chose one out of three essential oils - stress-fix. 
The aroma proven to relieve feelings of stress-includes essences of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms and is formulated using the science of aromaologyTM and the power of pure essential oils.

Definitely - I am going to book another massage with Sarah at Diva Salon&Spa at one of my favourite locations - Chinook Centre in Calgary!!!


It's definitely a special time for me...
The fact of being "Mommy-To-Be" - soon,  as I am already 7 months pregnant - brings lots of excitement but also more questions and sometimes fear or making "good choices"..

After I found out that I am pregnant - it was during my trip in Europe - I knew that after coming back to Canada I will have to do some research on how does the entire process of preparation to become a Mom look like. I had my family doctor but after I shared the NEWS with one of my girlfriends - who had her first baby almost 2 years ago - she said that I should try to get a midwife and find prenatal classes!!

Finding a midwife is not hard but getting one-can be a challenge-there is only few midwifery clinics in Calgary and usually once you apply - your name is put on the waiting list. I almost lost hope until one day , when I received a phone call from Aurora Midwifery that they would like to meet with both of us!
I was SO HAPPY - especially because the location couldn't be just better!!

In the meantime, following Lyndsay advice - I contacted Rhonda at Healthy Birth Choices - and after our first phone conversation - I knew this is "The Place" to go together with my husband to get proper education and become more "calm" in terms of "knowing what's ahead of us"...

Healthy Birth Choices it's one of the places in Calgary offering prenatal classes and e-learning classes. 
Owned and run by Rhonda & Sue - the place supports the natural birth.
Both of ladies are so passionate about their work because they believe - birth matters!!

I absolutely love one of their statement:

"...Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fifth, planning a hospital birth or a home delivery, we are here to provide a quality education that will encourage you, enlighten you, empower you, and most importantly, help you give your baby the healthiest start to life".

We've already been to couple of classes - and I feel way more educated than before going. We chose 7 week program ( you have different options) with 2.5h classes scheduled once a week.
So far, together with 8 other couples - we've discovered some facts about pregnancy and labour; and especially the last class was all about the mental support and the ambiance around the process of giving birth. I didn't really realized it's so important where, how, who and many other factors that have such a huge impact on how I am going to feel during the labour and how I am going to remember this experience....

Definitely looking forward to more classes...
Stay tuned for more updates!!!


Today’s modern, well-informed consumer seeks out high-tech skincare formulations and treatments that produce noticeable results, quickly. DOCTOR BABOR products allow you to take your beauty concerns into your own hands. These cosmeceutical innovations make signs of aging a thing of the past.
The BABOR Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen, Germany, headed by Andrea Weber and her team of dermatologists, geneticists, biochemists, physicians and molecular biologists, worked in concert with leading authorities in plastic surgery to develop the DOCTOR BABOR range of skincare products. The revolutionary line of cosmeceuticals combines the very latest developments in science and medicine. BABOR’s rich history of combining highly effective, natural active ingredient based formulations with innovative treatment methods allow consumers to experience convincing results – similar to those achieved by injectables and plastic surgery. Results such as this are what consumers have come to expect from BABOR, the world leader in luxury professional skincare.

Last week I had was invited by the owner of Babor Beauty Spa in Calgary - Helene Levesque - for trying one of Dr.Babor beauty treatments - Skin Brightening Cellular therapy.
It's well known that for thousands of years, people have been striving to achieve an even, flawless, porcelain complexion with refined pores. That was always one of my skincare priorities and goals (as I am very conscious about my skin), however for quite a while I've been struggling with hyperpigmentation.
That's why when I came to the SPA - the skin therapist - Andree Paradis  - recommended trying Dr. Babor Brightening Cellular Treatment.

Brightening Cellular Treatment is designed to lighten and brighten the skin by helping hyperpigmentation formation and providing a luminous glow.
The treatment starts with cleansing, followed by exfoliation (I love this part when it comes to results however it was quite tingling as my pores were quite large, and I just got back from a sunny destination). The treatment also includes application of Skin Brightening Serum & Mask, followed by lotion or cream(depending on your skin type).

What is so nice about each treatment you experience at Babor salons is that you can continue the therapy at home by using certain skincare line. The Brightening Cellular line includes serum, mask and cream/lotion. Using all of them will gives your skin lots of benefits, including lightening the appearance of the complexion, reducing hyperpigmentation, increasing skin elasticity, smoothness and suppleness. Moreover, they protect and hydrate (so needed especially in dry Calgary!).

Can't wait to start my brightening routine at home!!!
Thank you Helene & Babor Beauty Spa for a beautiful gift!!!


I was super excited when I heard one of the lingerie leader - WonderBra announced its WonderBra 75th anniversary collection for Fall 2014!!!

The brand renews itself this season by presenting a line of contemporary feminine lingerie on hangers.
Stylish and practical, the new collection is divided into four segments, each focusing on a particular benefit: comfort, femininity, curve-enhancing and breathability.

Classy and daring, this collection proposes an array of exceptionally functional bras and panties that offer trendy elegance and a sense of well-being for today's busy woman!!

This Fall, the WonderBra brand introduces a contemporary collection for the active, independent woman. With the new slogan "Be Your Best" and a modern and chic collection, the brand definitely showcases the beauty of the female silhouette in its many glorious forms!!!

"Given the expectations of women today, the introduction of a segment centered on bra appeal was only natural. Above all, modern women want to feel beautiful and confident, and that's exactly what we offer with this collection. Much more than just a wardrobe staple, WonderBra undergarments are, withut question, this season's hottest fashion accessory!" says Karine Allard, WonderBra Chief Designer at HanesBrands Inc.

The collection also features a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness bra, $5 of each bra sale will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

Can't wait to try my new set of lingerie!!!!