Dear Ladies!
Although we just got into the summer season - as a Makeup Artist, I am always interested about what is going to be launched for next season when it comes to beauty&makeup. Well, all I can say - You better start preparing Your wallets!!!
Guerlain's upcoming Fall 2012 Makeup Collection is dedicated to the pleasure and sensuality of colours and plays on reds and pinks, celebrating 2 cult shades: Rouge d'Enfer and Rose Angelique.

Again, Guerlain's Face for the upcoming collection is Natalia Vodianova, who is wearing the new Rouge G L'Extrait - liquid, creamy, ultra-pigmented and velvety lip colour. The texture is so sensual. What is very interesting - although formula is liquid - the colour becomes matt in a few moments and reveals its superb qualities: non-sticky, non-drying and non-feathering. But wait - this is just the beginning-the ingredients make me even more excited!! One of the star ingredients is hyaluronic acid - to smooth and plump the lips; and tiger grass or Centella asiatica - known for stimulating collagen synthesis and boosting the firming process!!!
Available in 7 shades!!

Women change their outfit, lipstick and handbag each day - so why not their BLUSH???
Rose aux Joues is a must for all women who have decided to have fun with colours in total freedom and seduction.

The six blush duo take up the colour classification of Guerlain lipsticks: red, pink, beige and orange!!
Here are the shade numbers:
01 Peach Boy, 02 Chic Pink, 03 Over Rose, 04 Pink Punk, 05 Golden High and 06 Red Hot.

Few tips on how to mix&match with Your lips:
- if You are wearing red lipstick - pair it with a pink blush to express Your femininity, or an orange one for a sun-kissed look;
- if You opted for a beige - choose a pink blush for a flawless finish;
- if Your lips are dressed in pink - try a red blush or an orange - for a pop effect!
- if You are wearing orange lipstick - sweep beige over your cheeks!!

More colours...again...and again!!!!
Rouge G returns with five new elegant shades marked with the timeless flame of femininity. Poppy red, deep red, intense pink, brick orange and shiny beige - jewel shades to arouse every desire!!!

Also, a silky Lasting Colour High-Precision Lip Liner is back in a nude beige - number 42 - Bois des Indes, as well as two shades in Kiss Kiss Gloss Extreme Shine - 851(Sable Show!) & 873(Grenade In!).

There is also new shades pallettes for Long-Lasting Eyeshadows - 14 Les Fauves - a variation between warmth of oranges and browns; and 11 Les Roses!!


Of all the perfumers, Guerlain certainly has some of the best credentials and its fragrances are famously ‘traditional’,and I have to admit - I fell in love with their scent creations right from the beginning when I was doing my own perfum research....
The house of Guerlain launched an exclusive and limited edition La Petite Robe Noir
 in 2009. Two year later, it also presented the second limited edition of the line, 
called La Petite Robe Noir 2. 
This year, Guerlain decided to relaunch the debut and to offer the fragrance - developed by in-house perfumer, Thierry Wasser - to broader market.

Inspired by the elegance of a little black dress, the perfume represents Parisian chic and gracefulness. It opens with interesting aromas of black cherry, bergamot, red berries and almond. Bulgarian and Turkish roses rule the heart, further developing with notes of licorice and smoked black tea. Aniseed, tonka bean, vanilla, iris and patchouli form the base note... If You are addicted to sweet and fruity fragrances - You will have to give this one a try!!!

I have to admit - I am totally in love with is the marketing concept for the scent. 
The Petite Robe Noire girl is a gorgeous illustration, and the ad campaign,
 created by French artists, Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas,
 is full of tongue-in-chic fun, seeing the illustration gallivanting around Paris.

The new La Petite Robe Noire will be officially launched in Canada in August15th, 2012 - available for the first month exclusively at the Bay, and then - starting on September 15th - You will be able to buy this amazing fragrance at Guerlain Beauty Counters 
all over the country.

Available in 30ml, 50ml & 75ml - Eau de Parfum.


This year - it's the 100 Anniversary of Stampede and it's going to be 
special week of celebration!!!
The planning process started way long time ago - and now it's a matter to make sure that Your schedule will fit all the parties and events happening at that time in Calgary!!!

One of the events on my list is Stampede Party with one of the top jeans brand
 in the world - True Religion!!

Check the details and mark it in Your calendar as it looks like great evening!!!

Saturday, July 7th, 2012
WEST Roof Top Patio

For more details - email me directly to:


It's now official - it's the end of my 30 Day Challenge with Forever Youth Liberator by Yves Saint Laurent. I was among those bloggers, who were asked to test this new skincare line for a month and give You my honest opinion about the products. 
For the last 4 weeks - I was trying to share with you my experience with the line-
and now, it is the time to give you my general overview of the line.

I started using Forever Youth Liberator 4 weeks ago, morning and night.
My routine started with Serum application, followed by the cream ( in the morning and/or only in the evening) and eye-cream, which I would apply only in the evening, because I have more oily & combination skin.

As soon as I received my shipment,  I loved the packaging, the dropper distributes the perfect amount of product (serum) and the bottle reflects the luxury of the brand while remaining practical and easy to use. 
The serum itself felt lightweight, non-sticky and was easily absorbed into the skin, providing a good base for moisturiser or makeup. The Cream is quite rich - that's why either I applied it twice a day (when I didn't have to do my makeup after) or just once a day- in the evening (followed by the Eye Cream).

After my monthly challenge, I have to admit that my skin became definitely brighter, more radiant and the skin tone seems more even.  My skin has remained firmer throughout the month and on some days I even felt the fine lines around my eyes didn't seem so prominent.
I would definitely recommend giving this line a try if your skin is dull and You are looking to get more radiant and glowy skin - especially after winter time:-)

The Serum comes in either 30ml or 50ml bottle, Cream - 50ml and Eye Cream is 30ml.
Available at selected YSL Beauty Counters across Canada.


Last week, I had a chance to experience an amazing facial treatment- microdermabrasion using one of the newest technology equipment 
within this category - Derma Pod.

For those of You, who don't know what kind of treatment I am talking about - no worries - it is non-surgical procedure but for sure providing powerful results!!
Microdermabrasion is a skin-freshening technique that helps repair facial skin that takes a beating from the sun and the effects of aging. Some of the functions of this treatment include deep cleansing & pore reduction, production of new skin cells in basal layer of epidermis accelerates renewal and repair, stimulation of fibroblast activity in dermis improving collagen production - which at the end - Your skin becomes more clear and even; and with the series of treatments - You can visibly see the reduction of fine lines & wrinkles.
That is perfect procedure after summertime as it fights with negative results of the sun (like pigmentation).

But what was so special about this particular microdermabrasion? Well-for sure -  the equipment, that delivers the procedure with or without crystals and the Patented Turbo Flow Projection System delivers safe and even abrasion can even be used on sensitive areas
 (like under the eyes).

You can also experience this treatment also in Calgary at 
Silhouettes Hair and Aesthetics located in Arbour Lake, NW. 

If You have any further questions or concerns- please send me an email to:


Last Saturday, on June 16th one of the Spa downtown, Calgary celebrated its 1st Year Anniversary
on the rooftop patio of Fashion Central.
All proceeds from the ticket sales as well as from the silent auction went  to support the Calgary Firefighter’s Burn Treatment Society! One of the entertainment for the evening were - for sure - firefighters, who were helping  with serving drinks & food:-)

Amazing event with great music and stylish people!!! 
Congratulations to Soma and Best Wishes for the upcoming years!!!

Fashion Calgary - one of the Sponsor for the event

 With Soma Director - Lourdes Juan

Pictures by Sophia Juan /


For those, who don't know, I took the YSL Youth Liberator 30 day challenge-and it is my 3rd week now.

My own routine of using the line is constantly the same-so I apply the serum - twice a day, in the morning and evening; following with the day cream (which has SPF in it). I know I already mentioned this fact before however I believe, it is very important note-especially now, when there is more sunny days - we should think of sun-protection even more often!! One thing, which I personally noticed during using the cream- it is a great product when I don't have to wear my makeup that day. In other case, I have to replace it with different product because of a rich texture of the Forever Youth Liberator cream, which is not the best solution for an oily/combination skin.
Since the very beginning, I apply the eye cream only in the evening.The reason for skipping the application of eye cream in the morning is also because of my skin type -however you can apply it twice a day-especially if You have dry skin or wrinkles are Your main concern!!

So far, I have to admit that my skin is smoother and definitely more radiant & brighter!!!!!
Can't wait to share with You the results after the trial is over!!!


PARK is excited to be hosting our second annual DESIGNER SAMPLE SALE

at the Gerry Thomas Gallery!

Featured Designers:

Caitlin Power - - CASH

Lara Presber - - CASH/MC/VISA

Anne B Accessories - - CASH/ DEBIT/CREDIT

Gerry Thomas Gallery

602 11 Avenue SW

11am - 3pm

$5 Donation at the Door

Event page


Shu Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld are proud to announce an exceptional collaboration for 
the Holiday 2012 collection.

This unique moment of creation has roots in more than 20 years of relationship and mutual admiration between two of the most renowned talents from the wordls of fashion and beauty.
With his artful hands and revolutionary vision Mr. Shu Uemura transformed the image of women through makeup, passionately elevating beauty into a true work of art.

For the past 20 years, Karl Lagerfeld has been using shu uemura eye shadows 
to illustrate his fashion sketches.
Now, he merges his world with shu uemura’s to create an entire collection in homage to the brand - the colour selection and packaging is entirely designed by Karl Lagerfeld who also photographed the visual campaign.

For this holiday collection, the master of beauty and the master of fashion converge their talent and passion for beauty.

Collection will be launched in Canada - in November 2012!!! can't wait!!!! 


It is the time to give You my own feedback about using the new 
Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator skincare line. 

Now, it is my 2nd week of my skincare routine, using the serum - twice a day, in the morning and evening; following with the day cream-which I must say is a great choice for those of You who value having SPF protection in their skincare products - and finally - the eye cream-which I apply only in the evening.The reason for skipping the application of eye cream in the morning is that I have oily&combination skin and because of the rich texture of the cream-it would be too much for my skin-especially when I have to do my makeup application right after the skincare regimen.

After using the products for the last two weeks - my skin became definitely brighter, more radiant and the skin tone seemed more even. So far, I cannot tell anything about the wrinkle appearance- as personally I think for giving the honest opinion about this specific topic - I still have 2 more weeks to go to complete my experiment!!!So stay tuned!!!

P.S. Looking forward to hear Your feedback if You are already using the products and...make sure You check the end of my experiment  as I will be doing amazing Giveaway for one lucky Reader!!!!


In one of my last blog posts - I introduced you to the new skincare range called Forever Youth Liberator from Yves Saint Laurent.. I was lucky enough to be picked for the YSL testing panel and started using the serum - the "star" of the line, together with the Forever Youth Liberator Cream and Eye Cream.
Inspired by Glycobiology (and 100 years of research into it), it's their first patented skincare which combines three glycans to help increase youthful activity in skin cells.  Glycans are found naturally in the skin but with age decrease, therefore slowing down the youth process.  To put it simply this skincare basically speeds up the regeneration of skin cells, plumping the skin and smoothing wrinkles etc for "forever youth"! 

I am always very picky when it comes to using any skincare line-as coming from Europe to Canada - particularly to Calgary - where the climate is so different comparing those two places - it was always a huge challenge to find products that would treat combination skin but at the same time give you the appropriate hydrating action, plus - which is more important for me now being in my 30's - find the product which would help fighting first signs of ageing!!
First of all - I had to give my applause to YSL for designing beautiful packaging!! Both the serum bottle and Creme & Eye Creme have the ombre effect in pink, silver and black. Moreover, I really like the scent - it is soft, subtle, inoffensive and in no way overpowering. 
The serum has the dropper which distributes the perfect amount of product and the bottle reflects the luxury of the brand whilst remaining practical and easy to use. The formula feels lightweight, non-sticky and it is easily absorbed into the skin, providing a good base for moisturiser or makeup. After using the serum for a week-I was happy to report that it hadn't caused any breakouts - which is good news as I do have to be very careful with the products I put on my skin and actually, it is a common problem when it comes to combination/oily skin. The second step after applying the serum was cream and eye cream - this particular one I personally use only in the nighttime-as it would be too much product having on my face during the day and still wearing full makeup on the top of that.  
Honestly, after the first trial week of the YSL Forever Youth Liberator line I started to notice that my skin feels firmer and look a little more radiant in general. So far - I didn't notice any change to my wrinkles but I am hoping to see the results within this "area of expertise"as well - but as a beauty advisor I know-it takes 28days to produce new cells:-) So I have still 3 weeks to go:-)