This Spring of 2012 You will get obsessed with new products from
Yves Saint Laurent Skincare & Makeup world!!!
A positive outlook & freedom - this is YSL's attitude towards ageing which is not just a formula or a procedure but it coincides with the introduction of new expressions based on the power of newest technology within biology - glycobiology, which represents a decisive breakthrough - especially with regards to tissue structure organization, intracellular activity and communication between cells. Glycobiology gives the hope of developing new treatments which will eradicate the greatest pandemics of the XXI Century.

Characterized by boldness, a free spirit and a taste for challenge - Yves Saint Laurent backed by Loreal Research is decoding skin youthfulness in a radically different way.
Based on the latest discoveries in glycobiology for the skin,
FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR is formulated with an exclusive complex of active ingredients - glycans - that "unlock" cells and release youth-promoting messages.

The YSL Forever Youth Liberator line includes: Cleansing Foam / Lotion / Serum / Creme / Nutri Creme / Eye Creme / SPF 15 Creme / SPF 15 Fluid - so everyone will find products appropriate for their skin type.

As the star product of the Forever Youth Liberator line, the SERUM,
is at the core of the YSL beauty ritual as it has the highest concentration of specific ingredient - glycanactif - in the range.
YSL claims that the serum provides exceptional results, as following:

1. After the first dose - the complexion is evened out, skin is radiant and
facial features appear more relaxed;
2. In just 7 days - signs of fatigue are erased and skin is glowing with vitality.
It is more elastic, toned and already resculpted;
3. After 1 month - the skin seems stronger overall and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

All skincare products in the Forever Youth Liberator line feature a delicate fragrance
with floral notes and woody hints.
Moreover, both serum and creams are equipped with applicators which ensure
ultra-precise application: a dosing pipette or a spatula for a targeted application,
followed by a gentle massage.
Are you ready to see new discovery within the YSL makeup world???

YSL Beaute's Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain ($32) is a revolutionary new lip product that YSL says combines the texture and shine of a gloss with
the long wear of a stain!!
YSL created Glossy Stain to coat the lips with color, offering a lightweight texture that immediately melts into lips upon application.
Glossy Stain delivers intense, glossy color for an extremely long-lasting shine!!!

The collection will feature 19 shades, ranging from
No.1 Violet Edition to No.19 Beige Aquarelle.


Spring 2012 is around the corner and if You want to learn about new trends in Fashion, Makeup & Hair for this season - You should be there!!! Premiere style series will feature Canadian designs from Zenobia (http://www.zenobia.ca/),
European Makeup Artist&GiorgioArmani/NARS/Guerlain Beauty Ambassador -
Ania Basak (ABStyle) and
amazing hair styles presented by Volume Beauty Bar ( http://www.volumebeautybar.com/).

$10.00 and RSVP to jackie@zenobia.ca
Space is limited!!


The year of 2012 surprised Calgary's audience with many amazing events.
Women Embracing Brilliance which had place at Hotel Arts last Thursday was definitely one of them. For those women, who didn't have a chance to attend the event before- there will be still many occasions to experience a wonderful time, where all gathered women have a time to see themselves as Brilliant Women.
This is the time that gives every woman an opportunity to connect with other women who have been through similar challenges as an entrepreneur, or as a professional or mother. As always the space was filled with the highest vibration of love and connection which feels almost like an oasis designed to unplug every woman from her active life. One of the highlights of the evening are always stories shared by invited guests.
At the latest event- all Brilliant Women could acknowledge inspiring speech by the Inspirational Speaker, Award-winning author and Freedom Facilitator - Annette Stanwick (http://www.annettestanwick.com/), who shared her story about the power of forgiveness (you have to read her book" Forgiveness. The Mystery and Miracle");
Sensuality coach Aime Hutton - Founder of Awakening Goddess (www.awakeninggoddess.com), who inspired women to be fully who they are and embrace their own wisdom, beauty, grace and power through body movement getting out of their heads and into their body where their power lies;
and Lana Bullough - Stress Expert, who empowered women's hearts.

All of that wouldn't happen without brilliant idea which came from the Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance - Karen Klassen who is Enlightened Love Coach and Inspirational Speaker who helped many women discover themselves again...

Above: Karen Klassen - Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance

...Falling in love with your life begins with embracing your own divine power and stepping into your true purpose. That purpose is only revealed once you fully commit and say YES to journeying beyond the familiar. I am here to walk beside you, to encourage you, to cheer you on and keep you accountable to your living your heart’s purpose...says Karen.

To find our more about Women Embracing Brilliance, please check the website


If You sign up on the above website as a BOLD Woman Member (Free of Charge) - You will receive updates as to when the next Women Embracing Brilliance Celebration Evening is!!!


Although the Winter is still here - we should start thinking about checking our makeup bags and see what's HOT and TRENDY in Makeup this Spring of 2012!!!

An Array of Reds

Powerful Eyebrows

Smoky Eyes

Doll Lashes

Vibrant Colours

Glittery Eyes

Sporty Cheeks

White Illumination

Baby Face

Source: HarpersBazaar


PARK, The Gerry Thomas Gallery + Sophia Models International

are hosting a Fashion Industry Mixer

to promote networking and community amongst Albertan fashion professionals.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Doors at 7pm

$5 Donation








It was this time of a year again everyone was waiting for – The 14th Annual Bill Brooks Prostate Cancer Benefit – one of Calgary’s most anticipated social events and charity fundraisers of the year for the Calgary Health Trust , which took place last Friday, January 20th 2012 at beautiful Hotel Arts.

Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men. All proceeds raised that night fund the incremental operating costs of the da Vinci Prostatectomy System, a robot-assisted surgery system, at Rockyview General Hospital. The Prostate Cancer Centre was designed for men and has been at the forefront of prostate health in Calgary since 1999. They offer innovative patient centered approaches, quick access to diagnosis, treatment and support services.

The theme for this year’s event was “Bill in Wonderland.” All guests looked stunning that night – some of them dressed up in costumes accordingly to the theme! The Gala featured superb samplings prepared by the culinary wizards at Hotel Arts, along with amazing auction items, live band and surprises that certainly delighted all attendees.

Fashion Calgary & ABStyle would love to say “Thank You” to Bill Brooks for giving us chance to be a part of this amazing gala!

“…Bill – you exceeded my expectations. Coming from Europe, I can only wish Calgary would have more of such outstanding events as Yours.

You are wonderful person and inspiration for many Calgarians. Thank you…” – Ania Basak

Bill Brooks with one of his stylish Friends

Live Auction in progress....

One of the item for Live Auction - beautiful painting by Jason Gogo

Ania Basak with entrepreneur, Risky Business host & wonderful person -
W. Brett Wilson

Dress - CayleyRio Designs
Hair - Austin Guy Walsh
Makeup - Kearstin Plemel/NARS

Women Embracing Brilliance Celebration Evening - Wonderful Event at Hotel Arts in Calgary!!!

Women Embracing Brilliance Celebration Evening

“If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for

the benefit of {hu}mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.”

~ Matthew Arnold (1822 – 1888)

Stepping Up to A Whole New Level!

Join Us For the Next

Women Embracing Brilliance Celebration Evening

Thursday January 26th, 2012


7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Empowering Every Woman to be Bold, Brilliant and to Live Beautifully.


It is time to see yourself as a Brilliant Woman. It’s time to recognize your Brilliance and Celebrate IT!!

Brilliance does not require a degree. Brilliance does not require “material things”. Brilliance comes from within. It is a force that drives you from deep within your heart. No matter what life challenges you have faced, no matter what obstacles you had to overcome and no matter how many times you fell down, you got back up and started over again.


It is TIME to CELEBRATE your journey!! Your journey of Self Leadership and Empowerment. Every step you have taken has brought you to this place ~ to the brilliant woman you are today.

What should I Expect to Experience?

Have no expectations! Fill yourself with curiosity and wonder. Be bold.

The space at a Women Embracing Brilliance Evening is intentionally filled with the highest vibration of love and connection. It is an oasis designed for you to unplug from your active life and just “BE” in the moment.

You will have an opportunity to connect with other women who have been through similar challenges as an entrepreneur, or as a professional, or as a mother.

Join us for an incredible evening that is beyond the normal networking event. It is like no other. Here you will:


Celebrate the Energy, Passion and Creativity

We Have As Women To Create Heaven on Earth

It Is Time to Spread Your Wings and Fly High!

Who Attends A WEB Evening?

Women of all backgrounds are invited. We bring together entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, authors, coaches, mothers, speakers, and YOU! We gather to ignite our passion, envision our future and bring the power of “I am a Brilliant Woman” to life!

A WEB evening is not about selling or pushing your product or service on another. As women we are shifting the way we do business, the way we live and how we connect. We are transforming the idea of competition into one of collaboration and connection. WEB is for women who are ready to create heaven on earth.

What is the Intention for the Evening?

Our intention is to honour YOU, to Celebrate YOU and your feminine power. You are on an incredible journey and now is the time to acknowledge and honour the path you are on.

You have a power, a heart centered power that has given you the strength to face every challenge, to transform your dark into light, fear into love and overcome many obstacles. No matter how many times you have fallen, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and you continue to give, care and uplift those around you.

Brilliance is the light within, your gift, a special talent that is uniquely yours. You have been on an incredible journey of waking up to your brilliance and no matter what shows up in your life, you keep moving forward. With every breath and painful awakening you nurture your brilliance.

You are a Brilliant woman either living or defining her purpose and passion. You’ve never quit.

You are HERE! You are Brilliant…and that must be Celebrated!

This is an evening created especially for YOU. To honour your journey and the woman you are TODAY!

It is time to recognize your inner Goddess, awaken to your true gifts and embrace your brilliance.

Be Inspired!

Create Lifetime Connections!

A Chance to Win Amazing Door Prizes!

Enjoy Fabulous Food!

Wine Bar for those who enjoy fine wine!

Celebrate Your Journey!

We are 100% positive that you will leave energized, inspired and reawakened to living boldly, embracing your Brilliant Self and living a beautiful life.

You are the inspiration for other women to do the same.

RESERVE your SEAT Today!

Tickets are $55.00

To Buy Your Ticket CLICK HERE

Or Purchase Your Ticket Via Paypal


Although we still have Winter (well, so far we didn't have chance to experience the real winter here, in Calgary) - there are already new beauty&makeup collections for Spring of 2012!!
Recently, my attention was drawn into the bright colours exposed in the
YSL Spring 2012 collection.

This spring's star collectors item eye shadow was inspired by a box of candy overflowing with irresistible colours and textures.

Violets, pinks, blackcurrants and gooseberries:

Yves Saint Laurent has created a harmony of 4 couture shades,

reminiscent of sugar-coated rock candies.

Limited Edition- $68

Yves Saint Laurent introduces _Chic to Cheeks_ a flush of pure pleasure that brightens the cheeks. A fusion of colours in a water-based gel that colours the skin.

Infused with water soluble pigments, VOILE DE BLUSH subtly highlights the cheeks with discreet colour and sheer radiance.

Pink, coral or carmine: the colours can be custom-blended to create a fresh, radiant veil.

Limited Edition, 3 shades - $40

Apply one of the two shades in your DUO MANICURE SET and let it dry.

Apply the second shade along the tips for a French manicure effect.

Limited Edition, 2 sets of 2 shades - $32

Shade N°7 Brown and Mint

Shade N°8 Pink and Orange

The ultimate accessory, this creamy and nourishing lipstick is enveloped in a luxurious gold case with the timeless Yves Saint Laurent logo.

Lips instantly feel soft and supple as they are drenched in gorgeous colour with a satiny-pearl finish.

Limited Edition, 4 new shades - $38

Worth its weight in gold, this gorgeous gloss dresses lips in a sophisticated, high-shine shimmer that is truly precious.

2 new shades - $34